the vision of the founders of The Good Child Foundation is to improve the education of the less fortunate.

Good Child Foundation

About the School

Our founders

Good Child foundation founders - Mr Praman Sarakoses and his wife Mrs Yuvaret Sarakoses making an offering to Buddhist Monks

The founders of The Good Child Foundation Mr Praman Sarakoses and his wife Mrs Yuvaret Sarakoses have shared a vision for many years. Their vision was to improve the education of the less fortunate and they established The Good Child Foundation to achieve this lifelong ambition.

Mr Sarakoses, who has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from King Mongkut’s University of Technology and a bachelor’s law degree from Ramkhamhaeng University, is the former Police Superintendant of the province of Chanthaburi. As a police officer all of his career, he had the vision to see that education was the best way to keep the youth away from crime and improve the opportunities of the whole community.

Mrs Sarakoses, a bachelor of law from Ramkhamhaeng University, has a business background in real estate and achieved the accolade of 'Best business woman in Chanthaburi' awarded to her by the Thai Prime Minister in 1992. For the last nine years Mrs Sarakoses life has been dedicated to 'The Young Buddhists Association of Thailand', a charity under Thai Royal patronage where she has volunteered her time as an expert teacher in meditation since 2000. A lady of tremendous compassion, she opened the door for children with Downs Syndrome in the schools she helped to found when no one else would.
Mr and Mrs Sarakoses founded  Triamsuksa Nayai-am School in 2004. The Sarakoses have two adult sons, Piyorod and Parinya who were educated in Australia and work for The Good Child Foundation. 

The idea and drive

 Berni, wearing his Kerry shirt, sitting on a bike

Our son Berni Lennon was born with Downs Syndrome in February 2003. Berni was our first child and the news that he has Downs had a dramatic impact on our lives. At the time we worried what the future would hold for both Berni and for us as his parents. The first three years were very uncertain as Berni suffered problems with his health that resulted in several stays in hospital.  A key worry we had was the answer to the question – ‘Where would Berni be educated?’ After a long search and rejections from schools, we found a mainstream school Triamsuksa that would take Berni if we volunteered to help teach English to the pupils at the school.

Paul, his wife Pun and their two sons Berni and Steve Noi The Lennon family - Berni, Pun, Steve Noi and Paul.

Our lives changed positively from that moment on. We became empowered parents with a mission to help all the pupils at Triamsuksa School to help improve their opportunities in life by learning English. Through our work the school is willing to offer a place to all children with Downs Syndrome in the surrounding area. This was a major break through in our region of Thailand as many children with Downs Syndrome are not offered the opportunity of education in a school environment. Our school is a beacon of hope to the parents who know that their child will benefit from the stimulation of the school environment.